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359 Entertainment Group – компанията, която превърна 359hiphop.com в най-успешния сайт за хип-хоп култура в България през последните 5 години

Създатели на традиционните вече 359 Awards (единствените български хип хоп награди), които се радват на огромен зрителски и медиен интерес и категорично определящи българската хип хоп сцена

359 Entertainment Group подкрепя всички утвърдени и нови лица на хип хоп културата, чрез турнета, постоянни ангажименти на знакови партита и музикални концерти и фестивали на компанията.

359 Entertainment Group, чрез различните си проекти в годините е поканила най-големите имена от световната хип хоп сцена като: DMX, Rick Ross, Ciara, Waka Flocka Flame, Redman, X-Zibit, Sisqo, Coolio, Ja Rule, M.O.P и други

Собствен Youtube канал и над 50 000 фена в социалните мрежи на различните проекти на компанията

359 TV най-новият проект на компанията, които ще затвори цялото портфольо за хип хоп културата в България

359 Entertainment group – the company which made the 359hiphop.com site become the most successful in hip hop culture in BG in the last 5 years.The creators of the already traditional 359 Awards (the only hip hop awards in BG) which enjoy an immense public and media interest, clearly defining the Bulgarian hip hop scene.

359 Entertainment group supports all new and approved faces representing the hip hop culture through country – wide tours, on-going commitments for key parties and musical concerts and festivals of the company.

359 Entertainment group, through wide range of projects done in the past years, have invited the biggest names from the international hip hop scene like: DMX, Rick Ross, X-Zibit, Sisqo, Coolio, Ja Rule and M.O.P among others.

Our very own Youtube channel and more than 50 000 fans in the social network of the various projects of the company.

359 TV – the newest project of the company, which will close up the sphere of the BG hip hop culture portfolio.

359HIPHOP.com exist since the 28’th of march 2004.

359 hip hop is the most successful hip hop site in Bulgaria for the past 5 years. The site has an over a decade history. It is a leading media which successfully advertises and supports all artists and elements of the hip hop culture in BG.

The forum of the 359hiphop.com is the heart of the BG hip hop music and culture through the years in Bulgaria and the number of users amount to over 10 000.

Since the 2014 the 359hiphop.com site has been completely renewed having taker into consideration world standards . In this site , you can fined the most interesting facts about the Bulgarian and international hip hop scene, news, charts, interviews, top locations, premiers and a party calendar with the hottest hip hop parties throughout the entire country. Besides this, 359hiphop.com has it’s own musical platform – 359 Play.

In this platform , you can hear and see the newest and hottest musical premiers, interviews from the Bulgaria and international hip hop scene.

359HIPHOP.COM are the organizers of the first Bulgarian hip hop awards – BG hip hop awards 2013, 359 hip hop awards 2014. The site enjoys a great number of clients and there are a great number leading brands which advertise themselves through it. Examples are : Vivacom, Hell Energy drink, Metaxa, Jagermeister, Heineken, Coca cola, Snickers , Jack Daniels and many more.

359 hip hop is a preferred media partner to many campaigns, hip hop events, international musical conferences like: “See Me” festivals with international significance like “Sprite Graffiti Fest”, “Spirit of Burgas” and many more.

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